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Our life in the monastery


The wonders of the Greek land, the nutritional value of beer and the zeal of the thirty monks of the monastery of St. Augustine and Seraphim of Sarov, who live in the village Trikorfo, located in western Greece, are the fundamental values in which we established the unique beer “THE GREEK MONKS”.

Our monastery has a tradition in the production of higher quality products, only from natural ingredients, without the addition of preservatives. Our products stand out for their excellent quality and authentic taste.

Taking advantage of the aromas of hops and malt, we produce the Greek beer “THE GREEK MONKS”, which is fresh and sugar-less. Our goal is to produce the healthiest beer, always focusing on small production and not in bulk, as we aim at quality beer without altering the taste, aromas and above all to maintain its nutritional value.

Our mission is to provide the Greek and international markets with fresh, high quality and tasty beers that highlight the aromas and flavors of the pure ingredients used.